About Us

We bring processor direct pricing to our members.

O riginally founded as Alpha Processing in 2000, Alpha Processing merged into MLS Direct Network when we launched our national program in 2004. This new program operates similar to a non-profit organization in that it doesn't accumulate any significant profits at the corporate level. Most profits in excess of our streamlined operating costs are pushed out to our member/partners. This allows our members to offer maximum savings to their prospective merchants. This concept is the exact opposite of the industry in general.

The typical provider in our industry retains a significant amount of the profits at the corporate level while the street level agent is forced to charge higher pricing to make up the difference at the expense of the merchant. We feel that this is a failed concept that has created a huge turnover in the processing industry. Our member/partners have a low attrition rate and are experiencing stabilized profits through better pricing. They are able to grow their individual offices without having to overcharge their respective merchants in the process.